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Who We Are?

We are rendering our helping hand to the community to get all the IT related stuff in one place. Also helping Technologies to showcase their efficiency to the emerging world.

We believe YouTube is a good source of learning technologies at free of cost and we put all the good tutorials together under one single roof,  so that people can spend time on learning rather searching. Also, Tech Xom is a place where Techies can share knowledge to help the community. Techxom will give the entire credit to the contributor. (Note: Techxom Tutorials always ad free and it shows the contributor name).

Today’s HOTCAKE technology won’t be tomorrow’s HAPPENING technology. So a techie needs to have right choice of technology and proper future plan for career growth where market research is the only mantra for them. We provide new technology updates, tech courses offered by institutions across the globe, expert knowledge sharing on re-skill.

Technologies are helping the business to enhance their productivity (using Automation, AI, Data Science, etc.) day by day. But now, digital transformation is really important for business to sustain into the market and achieve the targets. So its time to change your legacy technology as well. Business  owners (mostly small/mid business) should aware about all the new technologies available in the market and what benefit they can get from it.

Similarly, all new technologies/tools should have proper existence or awareness in the market so that developers and business owners can understand the benefit appropriately and incorporate it into their business or skills. We showcase all the Technology and their features, efficiency, benefits to help them for reaching out to the great extent.

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